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About us

Our passion is a problem for many

FIELD BRAND is an independent professional consultancy company which has more than 20 years knowledge and experience in international sales and production of mechanical products for the following industrial sectors, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Industry, Medical, Defence as well as Electro & Instrument. Our long-standing passion for improving businesses and their subcontractors’ competitiveness, has given us a unique knowledge of how we in collaboration with our customers and their suppliers create competitiveness in a pragmatic and result oriented way. We are motivated by creating added value for our customers by improving competitiveness through knowledge and experience combined with innovation, technology, quality and efficiency.

Field Brand ApS // Ligustervej 7, 3300 Frederiksværk // Telefon: +45 52 39 73 72​ // E-mail: fieldbrand@fieldbrand.dk