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Supply Chain Management

We strengthen and maintain competitiveness

In principle Supply Chain Management by FIELD BRAND functions as an external service department for businesses that want help following up purchasing, quality and delivery.

This Supply Chain Management concept is of interest to those companies that purchase mechanical products which are manufactured by subcontractors where the need for follow up is required. It is not enough to just quality check the order at the goods reception, because if there are incorrect workpieces it will then be too late to have new workpieces made. At FIELD BRAND we follow up the customers’ orders from when they are placed with the subcontractors, during their production and up until delivery. 

We offer a wide range of customised solutions within the purchase of mechanical products.
So if you need assistance over a shorter or longer period, then let us tailor a solution which suits your needs.

Our specialities:

• Inviting tenders nationally and internationally
• Monitoring job orders
• Implementing trial orders
• Quality control
• Cost optimisation
• Project management
• Stock control
• Supplier development
• Supplier audit
• Supplier visit ​

We also provide 2 unique online services which ensure that you have a quick overview:

1. Online order status on all your job orders via FIELDCONNECT-DATA
2. Online stock control at your suppliers via FIELDCONNECT-DATA

Our experience

At FIELD BRAND our approach is that we shall contribute to your business by adding value. In other words we will work for you. Our knowledge is based on more than 20 years experience in international sales, purchasing and production of mechanical products for the following industrial sectors: Oil & Gas, Maritime, Industry, Medical, Defence as well as Electro & Instrument, we dare to guarantee that you will make a saving on your purchases and will optimise the purchasing process with us as your service partner for purchasing, quality and logistics management.

24/7 service
Field Brand is a 24 hour service which receives, processes or transfers all incoming emergency calls from customers who use our services.

Field Brand ApS // Ligustervej 7, 3300 Frederiksværk // Telefon: +45 52 39 73 72​ // E-mail: fieldbrand@fieldbrand.dk