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Avoid Surprises - Follow your orders online

FIELD BRAND provides a unique free of charge service, where you can follow your purchase orders being produced by your subcontractors nationally and internationally.

Online Order Status is a free of charge service which is provided by FIELD BRAND. When you utilise tenders from our tender service, you can choose to let FIELD BRAND be responsible for quality and delivery follow up with subcontractors.

Once you have completed the form Set up Online Order Status free of charge and sent it to us, you will receive a username and password for FIELDCONNECT-DATA within 24 hours , so you can follow your purchase orders from order placement, through to production and finally delivery.​

Your advantages as purchaser:

• Time saving – You do not have to follow up your purchase orders
• Security - FIELD BRAND carries out quality and delivery follow up with the subcontractors
• Quick overview – You can follow your orders with all your suppliers via our IT system
• Avoid surprises – We inform you of the slightest variation in your order
• Quality control – We are your external quality control partner
• Easy – It only takes 50 seconds to activate your purchase orders in Online Order Status ​

24/7 service
Field Brand is a 24 hour service which receives, processes or transfers all incoming emergency calls from customers who use our services.

Field Brand ApS // Ligustervej 7, 3300 Frederiksværk // Telefon: +45 52 39 73 72​ // E-mail: fieldbrand@fieldbrand.dk