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FC-DATA is a web based IT system which helps businesses that purchase mechanical products which are made by subcontractors, where the need for follow up is required. We have concentrated on developing a system which is simple and effective for our customers to use in daily life. As FC-DATA is a web based system it does not require any software installation by the user of the system, and can therefore be used in any business regardless of size.

FC-DATA is a system for handling order registration, production monitoring, quality and delivery monitoring as well as stock and statistic recording.

With FIELD BRAND as an external part of your purchasing and production management environment you save a lot of time as you no longer have to follow up production, quality and delivery with subcontractors yourself. All reports from subcontractors are registered in our IT system, where you as a user of the system have direct access to FC-DATA’S information centre.​

Examples of the advantages of using FC-DATA:

• Time saving – You do not have to follow up your purchase orders
• Security - FIELD BRAND carries out quality and delivery follow up with subcontractors
• Quick overview – You can follow your orders from all your suppliers via FC-DATA
• Avoid surprises – We inform you of the slightest variation in your order
• Quality control – We are your external quality control partner
• Document management - Registering Quality reports (SPC), certificates etc.

You have access to FC-DATA via the internet as well as mobile units such as an iPhone and a tablet PC.

Field Brand ApS // Ligustervej 7, 3300 Frederiksværk // Telefon: +45 52 39 73 72​ // E-mail: fieldbrand@fieldbrand.dk